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Technical and Business Writing

Scientific Manuscripts

Platinum Grants & Proposals edits and revises scientific manuscripts. This consulting service includes the following:

  • Edit scientific English usage and spelling.
  • Review organization, clarity, and flow.
  • Evaluate scientific rationale.
  • Critique of figures and tables.
  • Edit references.
  • Edit author's reply to reviewer's comments and cover letter to the journal editor, and ensure that all the reviewers' comments have been addressed.
  • Verify that the manuscript conforms to the journal's style.


Platinum Grants & Proposals provides assistance to businesses that need to develop business and commercialization plans. This consulting service includes the following:

  • Develop outline of plan.
  • Develop and assign specific writing assignments to you.
  • Plan formatting and editing.
  • Advice on market research and forecasts.
  • Plan review and critique.
Confidentiality is maintained for all of the services listed at all times.

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